Our Services

We provide an array of comprehensive services to keep your pet happy and healthy. Take a look below for a complete listing.

Low-stress Handling

We place a huge emphasis on patient comfort and make every effort to reduce the stress of your pet during veterinary visits.


We schedule longer appointments, a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes for doctor exams. This enables us to move slower in the room giving your pet time to settle in and adapt to the new surroundings. The extra time also enables us to talk with your pet on their level and get to know them, creating a positive encounter -  backed with lots of rewards and treats.


We utilize minimal restraint as much as possible and educate our staff on alternative handling techniques. We also utilize alternative temperature-taking methods avoiding the traditional rectal temperatures when possible which can lead to increased stress.


During exams, we pay close attention to your pet's body language and will try to avoid handling them or performing procedures in ways that cause them increased anxiety whenever possible. We treat every animal as an individual, learning their preferences and apprehensions based on their reactions and body language catering our exams and handling techniques to them.


Cats and dogs are seen in separate exam rooms. Our feline room is prepped with pheromone diffusers and spray that are proven to help create a state of calm and relieve stress. Our canine room has a floor space large enough to perform exams on the floor as well as a self-lowering and rising table. All exam rooms are equipped with custom sewn table sheets and additional table pads to keep your pet from lying or sitting on cold steel, making it a more comfortable experience.  

Routine Examinations or Wellness Visits

We provide routine wellness check-ups for puppies, kittens, and adults. We are also able to service some of your smaller 'pocket pet' companions such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. 

During these visits, we provide your pet with a complete physical exam along with a full consultation and evaluation. We discuss their overall health and lifestyle with you to ensure that they are receiving all of the best treatment and care. As we discuss their lifestyle we will develop a vaccination schedule and preventative treatment plan tailored to their individual needs and lifestyle. This is a great opportunity for you to speak with the vet one on one so they can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet and their well-being.



Nobody likes shots, but they are one of the best ways to protect us and our furry family from dangerous diseases. We provide a full range of all required and recommended vaccines for canines and felines to keep your pet healthy.


Instead of bulk ordering, we have hand-selected only the best vaccines from a variety of different vendors and manufacturers to deliver the cleanest and safest protection possible for your pet.


While vaccinations are one of the best ways to keep our furry friends healthy, not every pet's lifestyle and requirements are the same. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to have a thorough conversation with you to empower you with information on each vaccine and why or when it would be recommended. Having a working understanding of recommended vaccines will enable you to make a fully educated decision for your pet's health. Based on our conversation and your pet's lifestyle our staff will help you tailor a vaccine schedule that's just right for your pet, and that you can be confident and comfortable with.

Pocket Pets

Did you know we don't just service dogs and cats? We will care for your 'mini-me' too!

We are able to service some of your smaller 'pocket pet' companions such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters for basic health exams.

During these visits, we provide your pet with a complete physical with a full consultation and evaluation. We discuss their overall health and lifestyle with you to ensure that they are receiving all of the best treatment and care.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide surgical care, or avian and exotic services at this time. There may be some cases of more complex health concerns that we will refer out so that your pet may receive the best care possible.

Sick Visits

Periodically everyone feels 'under the weather,' including our furry friends. We provide a full, 45-60 minute, comprehensive exam and consultation for all of our ill patients.


We focus on diagnostic plans that will allow us to discover and treat the root issues that are causing distress to our fur babies - not just dispensing medications that will target or mask symptoms. We use a combination of in-house and outside labwork and testing.


Our treatment plans usually consist of a combination of traditional medication as well as some of the latest breakthroughs in medication formulation combined with proven supplements and nutrition for a more well-rounded, holistic, wellness approach. 

Labwork and Diagnostics

We are equipped to provide extensive in-house diagnostic testing and procedures including Blood Chemistries, In-house Urinalysis, SDMA testing, Ultrasound, Radiology, and Cytology.


We also partner with some of the best external labs to deliver quick and accurate results in order to provide the most excellent treatment and care for our patients.  

Dental Care and Cleaning

Dental hygiene is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health. Lack of proper dental care will lead to painful conditions such as tooth infection, tooth decay, and gum disease. If not cared for properly bacteria from your pet's mouth can begin to seed into your pet's bloodstream eventually becoming a source of infection and disease. Many health challenges faced by pets can be directly linked to poor dental hygiene.  


We are equipped to provide your pet with full dental care including cleaning, scaling, polishing, extraction, and X-ray. We also have helpful resources and experienced staff who will teach you how to manage the task of daily oral hygiene at home.

We also work with a team of phenomenal Dental specialists that we will refer to on occasion if your pet has a severe dental concern.


We will always consider your pet's care the top priority.


Our surgeons are proficient in a variety of surgical procedures ranging from routine spays and neuters to complex laparotomies. You can be confident knowing that your pet is in adept and caring hands.


Prior to every procedure, your pet is placed in a padded cage with water where they can be monitored. Full physical exams and blood work are performed before every procedure to ensure your pet's health and tolerance of the anesthetics. The anesthetics used will be adjusted pending your pet's age, health condition, and blood work results. Prior to being anesthetized patients are walked outside to be given a chance to relieve themselves if needed.


During procedures, tables are well padded underneath patients to avoid any discomfort from lying on hard table surfaces. Heating blankets are also provided during procedures and recovery to ensure proper temperatures are maintained and reduce any discomfort associated with recovering from anesthesia. IV catheters are placed and IV fluids run for the duration of the procedure and recovery. IV fluids help support healthy metabolic functions enabling your pet to recover faster with fewer inhibitions caused by anesthesia. IV catheters also give our staff quick access to aid your pet if a crisis were to arise.


During recovery, your pet is placed on a padded area with a heating blanket and closely monitored by a dedicated staff member frequently taking vitals and adjusting their environment as needed. Once pets are recovered, they are taken out for a second walk and given a small meal. Owners are informed of the status of their pet upon recovery and given a discharge time. Some pets are routinely kept overnight for proper rest and monitoring pending the procedure performed.


Owners are encouraged to call with any questions or concerns or if they would like additional updates on their pet's status.

We also work closely with a variety of the best surgical specialists that we will refer out to if it is in your pet's best interest.

Your pet's health and care is our top priority.

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