Specialist Referrals

Below is a list of specialists who we know and trust as experts in their specific field.

Please contact us if you need additional referral information. Your pet's health and happiness are our first priority!

Boarding, Behavior, Training

Managing your pet's behavioral concerns can at times be frustrating. Sometimes it is good and necessary to pull on the perspective and experience of a professional trainer. A professional trainer is skilled in techniques that can help you communicate with your pet effectively relieving anxiety and reducing unwanted behavioral patterns.

A behaviorist is a veterinarian who specializes in behavioral therapy and modification in a similar fashion as a human psychiatrist. Many behavioral concerns can be managed with the help of your regular vet and good training. Typically you will receive a referral from your vet if they feel that your pet's condition may not be well managed with just training and general practice alone.

Below you will find information on trainers & a behaviorist we recommend:


Because of the complexity that can be involved with chronic skin problems your veterinarian may refer you to a specialized dermatologist to help with diagnostics and initial treatments of severe skin problems. If a referral is recommended, below is the specialist in our area we recommend:


Certain surgical repairs and procedures may need to be performed by a veterinarian specialized in orthopedic surgery. Hickory Ridge Animal Hospital works closely with Dr. Arthur and will schedule any necessary surgical procedures to be performed within our facility, rehabilitation and aftercare will be managed by the regular veterinarian. We will occasionally refer out if specialized rehabilitation therapy is required.



While most dental care and concerns can be managed by your regular veterinarian rare cases may require the additional expertise of a specialist. A specialist can work with your regular vet to provide care ranging from specialized dental surgery to root canals and implants.