Fun Pet Articles

Springtime Safety Tips

Spring has sprung, and with the change of season, our thoughts turn to Easter celebrations, spring cleaning, and much-needed home improvement projects. Before you embark on seasonal chores or outdoor revelry, take inventory of potential springtime hazards for your furry friends.

“Contrary to advertising and popular belief, there is no research to demonstrate that grain-free diets offer any health benefits over diets that contain grains,” she said.

It is recommended to consult your veterinarian to determine the best diet for your pet's individual health needs.

How Many Miles Can You Run With Your Dog?

I’m always happy to see all different types of dogs running along the Mississippi, but it’s true that some dogs were just not bred to run. 

7 Common Bath-Time Mistakes Pet Owners Make

While your dog or cat may never willingly jump under the faucet, you can make bath time as positive, easy and fast an experience as possible by avoiding these common mistakes:

Build an early relationship between your pet and vet

Veterinarians should be consulted for more than just illnesses. Their input is a key component of proper pet care. Having a solid relationship with the vet is in the best interests of the pet and its owner.

Why you should talk to your dog

Researchers Alex Benjamin and Katie Slocombe, at the University of York in the United Kingdom, set out to investigate if so-called dog-speak improves bonding between pets and humans, and specifically, whether it is useful for the dogs.

Fruits & Vegetables Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

As dog owners, it’s not uncommon to want to spoil your four-legged family members by sharing table scraps or your favorite snack with them. After all, if it is safe for you to eat, it must be OK for them as well, right? Not necessarily.

Feeding Pets a Raw-Meat Diet Can Be Dangerous for Them—and for You

 In a new analysis of 35 commercial raw dog and cat foods, researchers found that 86% of products contained potentially dangerous bacteria.

A match made on Facebook: 27-year-old Dundalk resident falls in love with 26-year-old cat

Laura Cassiday, of Dundalk, was searching on Facebook Wednesday, looking at the different animal rescue pages, when she saw Baltimore County Animal Services’ plea for a cat named Thomas

A perfect first pet for kids

“They are adorable and loving animals that are easy to maintain and handle. You can tell that they are especially excited when a guinea pig performs little hops in the air, also known as ‘popcorning.’ This is a common occurrence with most guinea pigs as they are generally very happy and excitable animals.”