Parasite Prevention

Fleas, Ticks, Heartworms, and Intestinal Parasites...

Products - 

Parasite prevention is a critical component to keeping your pet happy and healthy. All the products listed below are available at our clinic. Please click on the linked items to be directed to valuable information on how each product works in regards to parasite treatment and prevention:


For Dogs - Fleas and Ticks:

Frontline Gold - topical gel


Nexgard - oral chews​


Heartworm and Intestinal:

Heartgard Plus - oral chews


For Cats - Fleas, Heartworm, and Intestinal:

Revolution for cats - topical gel


Resources - 

How important is parasite prevention and why is my veterinarian always pushing it? The websites below offer valuable information to help you understand your pet's risk of exposure to certain parasites based on your location. They also provide educational tools on the different diseases that are carried by parasites, how they can be transmitted to your pet as well as treatment and prevention, and potential risks parasites can present to people. We hope that these resources will help you make informed decisions in caring for your pet and preventing parasite infections.


The Companion Animal Parasite Council

The Companion Animal Parasite Council or 'CAPC,' is an independent council of health care professionals including veterinarians and veterinary parasitologists. This council was established to create guidelines for the optimal control of the parasites that pose health risks to pets and their people. A parasite prevalence map is listed on their website and can be used to view the incidence of certain parasites found in dogs and/or cats in your particular region. Check out this link to their website:


CAPC also has a special site dedicated to owner education and resources about pets and parasites. Visit their webpage for helpful information and frequently asked questions about common parasites, problems, and resolutions.


Dogs and Ticks

Dogs and Ticks is a fun and educational website with information about tick-borne diseases, tips to keep your pets safe, and silly tick-related games to keep you occupied and help you remember what you've learned.


The Lyme Disease Association

The Lyme Disease Association offers information about Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.