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Orthopedic conditions can occur at any age either through genetically inherited issues, traumatic events, or through progressive wear on joints over time. Just like in human medicine there are things we can do to help protect our pet's joints or help to aid in their recovery after an injury. While orthopedic issues are most common in dogs, cats can also be affected. Pets tend to be more stoic than their human counterparts so we don't always recognize a joint issue until later stages. There are signs, however, we can watch for to alert us of potential joint-related issues, such as arthritis, and begin earlier treatments that can help reduce the digression of the affected joints.


Click the links below for informational articles on some of the most common orthopedic issues in dogs and cats:


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Certain surgical repairs and procedures may need to be performed by a veterinarian specialized in orthopedic surgery. Hickory Ridge Animal Hospital works closely with Dr. Arthur and will schedule any necessary surgical procedures to be performed within our facility, rehabilitation and after care will be managed by the regular veterinarian. We will occasionally refer out if specialized rehabilitation therapy is required.


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We have a number of products we can recommend to aid in every stage of your pet's mobility. Listed below are a few products we recommend, click on the linked items for more information:


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Dasuquin for dogs and cats - Dasuquin is a safe supplement with a proven formulation to help slow the degeneration of joints due to arthritis by protecting cartilidge against breakdown. It is therefore recommended as a preventative measure to help protect joints against the effects of arthritic changes.  It is also used to help support and treat joints affected by arthritis to increase mobility and relieve minor discomfort over time. Click the link above for more information.  


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Help 'Em Up Harness The help 'em up harness is a dog-lifting mobility harness that provides extra support for aging or disabled dogs with limited mobility. The harness has also been shown to be extremely helpful in post-orthopedic surgery recovery and rehabilitation. Visit www.helpemup.com