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Dermatology is the study of the skin or rather the issues of the skin. Skin problems are one of the most common and frustrating medical concerns in dogs and cats. Some problems are acute meaning they are caused rather suddenly by an irritant or damage to the skin tissue and will resolve completely with proper treatment. Other conditions are considered chronic and can be caused by a variety of factors including allergic responses to the food or the surrounding environment. Dermatology can be a more challenging or frustrating condition for owners because of the dedicated time that can be involved in tests and treatments to obtain a proper diagnosis and thereby an effective treatment. But, be encouraged! Veterinary science is advancing daily and there are now many more resources and treatment options available than ever before. Stick with it and you will come to an effective resolution with your veterinarian for the health and happiness of you and your pet. Here at Hickory Ridge Animal Hospital, we are committed to the comfort of you and your pet.


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Because of the complexity that can be involved with chronic skin problems your veterinarian may refer you to a specialized dermatologist to help with diagnostics and initial treatments of severe skin problems. If a referral is recommended below is a list of specialists in our area we recommend:

Animal Allergy & Dermatology Clinic

James Jeffers, VMD, DACVD

Board Certified Dermatologist

9039 Gaither Rd.

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

(301) 977-9169


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Apoquel  - This is a revolutionary medication that has proven extremely effective in treating the symptoms of canine itch. It works differently than traditional medications by targeting the source of the itch response. It works quickly to relieve the itch which brings you and your pet much-needed relief and allows skin damage due to excessive scratching to heal. To learn more click the linked name or contact our hospital to speak with our veterinarians.