Behavioral Resources

Articles - 

Please click the appropriate links below to read up on some valuable information and advice on pet behavior and training.


Trainers - 

Managing your pet's behavioral concerns can at times be frustrating. Sometimes it is good and necessary to pull on the perspective and experience of a professional trainer. A professional trainer is skilled in techniques that can help you communicate with your pet effectively relieving anxiety and reducing unwanted behavioral patterns.

Below you will find information on trainers we recommend: 


Tom Coaker 

Mid Atlantic Dog Training - specializing in difficult cases.



Behaviorists - 

A behaviorist is a veterinarian who specializes in behavioral therapy and modification in a similar fashion as a human psychiatrist. Many behavioral concerns can be managed with the help of your regular vet and good training. Typically you will receive a referral from your vet if they feel that your pet's condition may not be well managed with just training and general practice alone.

Below you will find information for behaviorists we recommend:

Dr. Marsha Reich

Rockville, MD



Products to help relieve anxiety - 



Solliquin (available at our clinic - for both cats and dogs) -

We are excited to introduce Solliquin to our line-up of anti-anxiety medications! After years of collaborative research, Nutramax has developed a highly successful all natural supplement to help relieve common anxiety issues with pets designed to replace many traditionally used medications that can have severe side-effects. Solliquin is available in easy to give chews, and capsules for dogs and cats. While it is considered a supplement it does still require a prescription from a veterinarian - if you are interested in getting your pet started please contact us to discuss scheduling an appointment to get your prescription today! 

visit for more information.


NurtureCALM Pheromone Collars (available at our clinic - for both cats and dogs) -

NurtureCALM Pheromone Collars mimic the pheromones that the mother cat/dog produces to calm and reassure her kittens/puppies. Cats and dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life. Pheromone behavior collars mimic the natural way to help cats and dogs cope with new and fearful situations.


Composure Chews (available at our clinic - for both cats and dogs)

Composure chews help to alleviate stress-related behavioral issues without affecting your pet's energy levels or personality. It contains three main ingredients to support calming in dogs and cats: C3™ colostrum calming complex, L-theanine, and thiamine. Colostrum calming complex is isolated from colostrum proteins (colostrum is the form of milk produced in the last days of pregnancy and a few days after giving birth) and has been found to support cognitive function and stress reduction. L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that supports calming, relaxation, reduced irritability, and low mood states. Thiamine (vitamin B1) helps manage stress and reduce irritability, calming nervous and anxious pets.


Thunder Shirts - 

Thunder shirts provide gentle pressure, shown to induce a calming effect in both dogs and cats. Thunder shirts can be used in a variety of situations to relieve anxiety, fear and/or overexcitement.


Rescue Remedy - 

Rescue Remedy is a natural stress-relieving formula containing a blend of flower remedies. This natural formula can be used in many situations to help ease anxiety, fear, and behavioral issues.